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Minyan ending explained

Oct 07, 2021 · The end of Hashkama minyan was quite different from its beginning. It was founded in 2013 by then-sophomore Noah Rothman, ‘15, who said it was started as a way for early comers to connect to davening in a student-run environment. No teachers were invited. Mr. Rothman, an assistant and Ed Support teacher for Judaic Studies this year, said the ....

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one who must leave for work at a certain time and is faced with a choice of davening in a slow minyan (such as a yeshiva or kollel) and leaving before the end of davening, or davening in a quicker minyan where it is difficult for him to daven properly, should rather daven in the slower minyan - even if it means that he will miss kerias ha-torah.

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Jul 31, 2016 · It was the end of tax season and Barry was an accountant. He must have been going back to work then. I could not believe that there was an actual synagogue in operation in this neighborhood. Barry told me that they had a minyan [2] every Saturday and a brotherhood breakfast every Sunday, but the person I should really talk to would be Jack .... When we know we are indispensable, we make a point of being there. Otherwise, "count me out." Commit yourself to coming to the Minyan, even once a week? This way can assure that Chabad of Scripps Ranch Minyan will stay strong, and start and end promptly. Contact Rabbi Motte (858) - 547 - 0076 #1216..

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Mar 11, 2017 · According to Rashi’s reasoning, one would be allowed to read the megillah without a minyan since everyone reads the megillah on that day. However, the Ran maintains that in such a case one would not be able to read the megillah by himself, without a minyan. The Turei Even explains the Ran as follows: When the megillah is read on Purim ....

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