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Respite foster care requirements

Respite services can play an important role in preventing placement disruption. These services are available for licensed foster parents, unlicensed relative caregivers and other suitable persons with placement of children in CA or Tribal custody. Caregivers should be encouraged to access respite care services in emergent situations and to prevent disruption of the child from their home.

Respite care is largely a short-term placement ranging from a weekend, school holidays or sometimes a few weeks. The main aim of respite care is to provide support and stability to a child that is currently placed with a foster family. The reason for respite care is to allow the original foster family, foster child or birth parents a break to.

Respite care requires licensing and classes in some states, just as becoming a "regular" foster parent does. During training, you'll learn what types of behaviors you can handle. You'll get an idea of what works best in your home before you take in long-term placement..

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A minimum of one year of experience as a foster parent or kinship care provider with a child placed in his or her home for at least one year. A minimum 5 years of experience working with or parenting children. A minimum of 500 hours of experience as a respite care provider for children under the supervision of a human services agency.


Respite foster care is a short term fostering placement that occurs for a few days or up to a maximum of 28 days. This arrangement often happens on a regular basis with the same.

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