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9 verbal reasoning UCAT practice tests - Make correct decisions quickly based on complex information. 10 decision-making UCAT practice tests - Learn the skills required to analyze rules systems and make the right call under time pressure. 6 quantitative reasoning UCAT practice tests - Solve mathematical questions with ease.

Free UCAT Resources Check out these free UCAT resources to get prepared for your test. We've got a comprehensive guide to the UCAT and score-boosting tips from experts - plus a free diagnostic test to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can also catch up with our UCAT webinars and sign up for a free study plan to structure your prep.

For more examples of our questions, please try our 100 free questions. These can be accessed online using the interactive format and will offer some examples from all of our tests. Sincerely, Ryan [email protected] good [email protected] Nice [email protected] Cool! [email protected] Thx [email protected]

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However, there are some great CCAT practice resources out there that do a great job of simulating the actual CCAT. View some cognitive aptitude test sample questions below.. Preparing for the UCAT. All our official UCAT preparation materials are free for candidates to use. We advise you to prepare for the UCAT using the free official practice materials which have.

Sometimes patterns involve two steps, whereby one pattern depends on another pattern. These UCAT questions can be tricky, so we will practice them and discuss the best approach. UCAT Practice Test B contains 3-4 UCAT Questions on Dependent Patterns. GET STARTED.

UCAT Verbal Reasoning Sample Question #1. Try answering this question in 30 seconds - that's about as much time you'll get during the university clinical aptitude test, since you'll have 21.

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